Laugh your clothes right off

Four day weeks are awesome aren’t they. We’re half-way through and to celebrate I want you all to have a giggle on me. The latest televisionX Factor video made me almost piss my pants today when I watched it. Quote of the day has to go to Phil Barry who heads up Pumpkin Films, “I would suggest laying off the pies” said to a fattie porn hopeful! Absolute genius! My favourite thing about this episode has to be the *actual* porn stars they snuck in. Suzie Best, bless her, makes a good star turn in this episode. Let’s be fair, there’s no mistaking her northern voice and pert little bum! The funniest bit of the whole episode is watching Suzie’s face when she’s sat next to the naked pensioner. I won’t spoil it for you bit this old grandad is raring to go in some pretty kinky underwear.
Anyway, don’t worry I’m not trying to make you watch GILF porn (for the uninitiated that’s ‘Gran/Grandad I’d Like to Fuck’ because luckily Keni “hasn’t had much experience with the opposite sex” Styles comes in to save the day. His trousers are so far up his waist I worry he’s doing damage to that prodigious, erm, talent, of his.
Watch it, it will beat away any mid-week blues (comedown/mammoth hangover) you might have!

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