Pregnant Pornstars

So I was pissing about on myspace on my lunchbreak when I read the most unbelieveable bulletin! Jenna Jameson, one of the most famous pornstars of all time is pregnant! Now I know she retired at the beginning of this year but how often do pornstars retire only to get back into biz not long after? I always thought the concept of pornstars retiring was a bit like superheros dying. I mean how often did Jean Grey of the X-men die only to come back to life??
I guess now she’s up the duff that’ll be it for her. Lot of behind the camera work. Hopefully she’ll be one of those great working mums and put her porn expertise to good use directing future generations of hot porn stars.
Part of me hopes she gets a sexy midwife like Tequila Woods in this episode of Dogging Diaries and can’t help but getting a bit girl-on-girl filthy with her nurse. Yes I know this is an elaborate fantasy but a mole can dream you know. Apparently some women get even hornier when they’re preggers and you never know this may even inspire her to come out of retirement. Give Josephine James a run for the money in the pregnant pornstar stakes!

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