Ask Michelle B anything

I love Metallica. I wish I was watching them at Reading Festival tonight but I couldn’t even get a day ticket. I’ve been to Reading a few times; ‘s alright but I defo prefer Glastonbury. Reading is just full of emos and teenaged headbangers throwing bottles of piss at each other. No thanks! Luckily I found out that Metallica are playing a special ‘retro-priced’ gig that only costs a fiver! How brilliant is that! Apparently it’s a charity gig at the O2 around mid-september. I’ll be booking tickets as soon as I finish writing this!
So, in the words of Sesame Street, today’s letter is the letter ‘M’. Which leads me seamlessly from Metallica to Michelle B. We’re running a little competition at the moment where you can ask the lovely Michelle B whatever you want. If she answers your question it will be featured on the website and you win a signed photo! Hurray! No doubt plenty of people of people will ask how big her tits are, what’s her favourite position etc etc, so I’m going to spend the rest of the afternoon rather productively thinking up quirky questions for her!

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