3 Day Weekend Woo!

You have to take full advantage of these bank holiday weekend malarkies and I’ve decided to start mine as I mean to go on. Tonight is the second episode of Nymphic Games but being the cheeky mole that I am, I’ve already had a good gander at it! So I’m going to order in some pizza, get some beers and be totally settled and ready to go by the time callgirls Live comes on telly. Now I know call girls gets some flack sometimes but tonight is an extra-special one where they’ll all be wearing Nymphic Games gym kits (I can almost hear you whooping with unfettered glee). I’m proper excited and trust me, I’ve seen it all!
One thing I always remember quite fondly from my physical education days and (hand resting on slight beer-podge) let’s be fair, those days are *long* gone, is those little navy gymnastics knickers. Now the girls won’t be wearing them unfortunately but if memory serves me correctly the Teenycums sports uniforms are tight little white t-shirts and cute tiny yellow hotpants. Mmm, that’s one of my eleven* right there just thinking about it.
One  a side note I read today that Jacqueline Wilson, the tween writer, has had her books banned from Asda. Some of you may ask why and some of you are asking why I’m bothering to write about this. Well, the truth is, I think it’s quite funny. The reason these books got banned is because, as ‘The Times’ put it, she spelt ‘twit’ with an ‘a’ instead of an ‘i’. LOL.
Anyway, I’ll be staying in tonight to get a good helping of sodden twits, oh sorry I mean twats.

*Supposedly men get 11 erections in a day so it’s a running joke in the office whether someone has one of their eleven a day at that current moment in time!

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