Fancy dress

I’m moving house soon so everything has been rather stressful lately. Honestly, I thank god for porn some days, it’s the ultimate stress-reliever. Better than those squishy ball things. But anyway, times move on and so I’m offski to pastures new.
One of my mates is trying to convince me to have a house-warming party but I’m not too sure how my new flatmates would feel about it. I know it sounds a bit lame but I actually really like fancy dress parties. When I was little we had this Sainsbury’s cookbook for children’s parties that I always used to look through when I was bored. There was one recipe that was a pirate ship birthday cake made out of wafer biscuits. I think I slightly resented my parents that I never had a pirate themed birthday.
Now I’m a bit more grown-up and pirate-themed birthdays are out of the question, yet I still want fancy dress, I have to come out with something a tad more adult. Which is why I think masquerade would be perfect. Everyone is dressed up the nines, the girls are looking hot, and you can’t see anyone’s faces! It’s this combined with alcohol that is bound to cause everyone to lose his or her inhibitions. It this exact environment that will ensure all kinds of naughty things happen. Which is perfect for a house-warming. You want the kind of party that will have everyone talking about for the rest of the month. Some proper water-cooler moments. People romping under the coats in a quiet, dark bedroom, 3 or 4 people coming out the bathroom at once, couples breaking up in spectacular gossip-worthy fights, cases of drunken mistaken identity. Oh it would be glorious! Thinking about it quite makes me want to go watch Maskerade with JJ, Michelle B and Jay Snake. I do love a good bit of DP in the morning 😉

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