Village bicycle

My bike is currently in several bits. Quite upsetting. The handlebars are still at the spraying place and I’ve yet to take the frame in. I’m now thinking aquamarine for it. In the meantime I am loving watching the track cycling. They race round like bats (on really fresh rides) out of hell. The cyclists have pushed Team GB’s gold medal haul to a whopping 15 medals. That’s the second most we’ve ever won (in 1908 we won 56 gold medals but I think the odds were slightly in our favour that year) and there’s still plenty of time left to win more.
We won one gold medal at road cycling and then rinsed it up at the track cycling. It’s official: English people rock at track cycling. I’m sure this will make Brick Lane Bikes even more packed out than it already is. All the trendies in London town are riding fixed-gear bikes at the moment. You certainly can’t step out round east London without seeing one at every turn. I’m quite glad that I’ve just got a nice BMX. None of this messing around without brakes malarkey. I actually found out today that it’s illegal to ride a brakeless bike in London.
Michelle B is sort of like the televisionX village bicycle if you think about it. I mean that endearingly by the way. I’ve spent my day (oh so productively) tallying how many different pornstars she’s shagged, however I couldn’t be bothered to traipse all through our archive so I just looked on our website.
The results came out very very interesting. Michelle B loves getting banged by Danny Mountain. We have at least 7 hardcore videos online with them going at it. Everyone of note, from Jay Snake to Lolly Badcock to Suzie Best has had a ride on busty Michelle. You’ve just gotta love a girl who knows how to take a ride. Boy or girl she just loves it.
Watch her banging Daria Glower,
Or see her lick out Pippa the posh bint,
And last but certainly not least, do not miss her pounding Sarah Blue up the arse.

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