Nights out at The Good Mixer

Another Saturday, another episode of Cum Bi With Me. To be brutally honest with you, I think I’m too hungover today to sit through two blokes knobbing each other. Usually I just watch it ‘cos there’s a hot girl in it, and tonight is no exception with the girl in between the two cocks being Lala. Normally, I love watching Lala getting boned but I just don’t think I can stomach it tonight. Well, if you can it’s on at 10pm.
I got proper blotto last night. I went out in Camden and went to this pub called The Good Mixer. Supposedly it used to be the brit-rock pub in the early ‘90s, frequented by Blur and the likes. Last night it smelt of sick. I guess that’s because the drinks are fairly cheap. Apparently Amy Winehouse goes in there. Doesn’t surprise me much, as it’s a bit of a dive. Check out Karlie Simon’s hilarious pastiche of Amy Winehouse in rehab. She actually looks like her in places, well, except sober and not at death’s door. Watch it, it’s great.

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