I’ve not really been following the Olympics much and I’m starting to feel rather unpatriotic as a result. Apparently our swimmers are doing excellently (I just checked reuters). That lass from Nottingham, the 19 year old, she’s not a looker but then, swimmers do have to have big shoulders don’t they? I’m definitely rooting for her to win a second gold medal. I reckon Donna-Marie would be shit at swimming. Her tits are so massive they would act as floatation devices and she’d never get anywhere. Oh well never mind, she’s got her own watersports she excels in, filthy harlot that she is 😉
Have you seen the swimming centre they’ve built in Beijing? It’s mental looking. I randomly ended up at this China Design Now exhibit at the V&A (I got free tickets) and they had a model of it there. The Water Cube it’s called. It’s a bloody design feat. The walls are made out of soap bubbles I’M NOT EVEN JOKING.
So, as you all know, Nymphic Games isn’t on tonight as it’s Jay Snake Night tonight instead! We’ll have to wait a whole ‘nother week for the new episode. Next week should be really exciting though as the bmx races start in The Olympics- woo! When I’ve finished pimping out my bike (the handlebars are in the paint shop this week and then the frame goes in next week) it’ll be sweet.
For now however, I think I’m just going to sit in, slob about, and watch a shit load of porn. Maybe practice some arm-chair Olympics of my own haha!

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