Prog Rock

As you all know I get to see the stars of TVX from time to time and the other day I got to have a bit of a one-on-one with Mr. Snake himself. He’s nice even when it’s just you and him, which is great. You can’t even feel jealous of him fucking all those hot girls cos you can just see he’s a normal bloke who stumbled into his dream job! He is proper lucky because, when you think about, how many people actually do what they want with their lives, let alone end up in working in porn!
So it turns out Jay Snake and I have something rather random in common! (no, not nobbing hot girls, unfortunately) We both love prog rock! This is no joke, he honestly does. When I was a nipper I used to look at my Dad’s vinyl collection and in amongst all the dad-stuff you expect (The Doors, The Stranglers etc etc), there were two albums sleeves that scared me shitless. One was King Crimson In The Court Of The Crimson King. The image is this drawing of this red-faced dude screaming and you can see his tonsils and everything. Proper scary. The other one was Frank Zappa Hot Rats. Needless to say when you’re a young’un seeing a woman (who incidentally is Miss Christine of the famous group of LA-based groupies that included Pamela Des Barres) climbing out of what appears to be a grave. Things like that are going to affect you as a small child.
So, as you are probably aware, it’s Jay Snake Theme Night tomorrow. Let’s all kick back with a bit of Floyd, a cold beer and a night of watching one man fuck all the hot girls I secretly fancy… actually when you put it like that, I could almost be jealous if he weren’t so damned nice.

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