More than a handful

Coincidences are funny aren’t they? Only two weeks ago I wrote a blog entitled Big Tits VS Small Tits, which I’m sure you all remember. In this blog I made reference to a line from one of my favourite John Hughes films, Weird Science.
Now, last night I was racing out of Tottenham Court Road station on my way to Soho for drinks and you won’t believe what I saw! Well actually you will because I’ve posted it underneath!

Wonderbra have made an oblique reference to the same quote! The full line from Weird Science is “More than a handful and you risk a sprained tongue”. Obviously Wonderbra can’t get away with stuff like that on a giant billboard on one of the busiest streets in London but I think the quote itself is pretty well known.
So has Wonderbra settled my argument? What do you guys think? I’ve got a feeling the majority of you prefer the bustier ladies. Anyway, here’s a list of lovely ladies I think could benefit from seeing that ad!
Antonia Deona
Michelle Thorne
Casey Jo
Does ‘big tits’ equal fit? Tell me what you think!

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