Sad news today, boys and girls. Issac Hayes died yesterday evening. If you don’t know who Issac Hayes was, let me tell you. He was a soul singer, a Scientologist and Chef from South Park, among many other things.
It’s a shame that his acrimonious departure from South Park should cloud his past as ‘that dude that sung Shaft’ but unfortunately Scientology and it’s members have a tendency to attract negative media attention. The episode that caused Hayes to quit South Park was the hilariously funny Trapped In The Closet; a lampoon of R Kelly’s brilliant ‘hip-hopera’ of the same name.
Hayes’ later years were filled with controversy and Scientology. However, let’s remember him today as a name you would associate with Blaxploitation. The ‘Theme From Shaft’ is running through my head as I write this and I’m thinking about hot ebony chicks that wouldn’t have looked out of place in Foxy Brown. Specifically Keisha Kane. She looks hot in that sexy ‘70s black-girl-in-charge kinda way. Let’s not forget the always-sexy, always-horny Lala. Watch her Peepshow here. I think Issac would have approved. So let’s toast to the man, the legend, Issac Hayes, RIP.

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