I’m getting some white skyways for my bike. I’m pretty excited about it. It’s going for a re-spray tomorrow so it’s going to look amazing soon. I actually love buying stuff off the internet. It makes you feel good inside to know that a. something is coming in the post and b. you didn’t have to step inside a shop to buy it. Ebay is even better. Ebay is like a giant car boot sale that you don’t need to leave your sofa for.
I think Kendo has the same sort of fantasies I have, if Bitch In A Box is anything to go by. I wonder if you can bid for Alyssa Leigh on Ebay. I’d love for her to arrive in the post. Mind you, it’d have to be recorded delivery. Otherwise the postman would blatantly make sure that one “got lost in the post”. Either that or you’d get one of those little red cards through your letterbox “please come to your local post office depot to collect this parcel”. Alyssa Leigh is the type of girl you’d have to get sent by UPS. They’d be trustworthy enough.

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