Escape to Brighton

I’ve decided to escape to Brighton for the weekend as London is getting too hot for me. It’s just so humid and it is hotter than the sun on the tube. One of my best mate’s has just moved down there and I need to go drink some cider with him. Last time I saw him it was my birthday and I woke up with the taste of salmon in my mouth. It transpired that The Bagel House down the round from where I live is open 24hours and we’d made a drunken trip there at 4am! Needless to say I know I’m gonna have a good night tonight.

However, it is Pride this weekend so I think we might have to find some hetro-friendly venues! Any suggestions?

I’ve been told that there is a nudist beach in Brighton though so I may have to go find that. That would be pretty ace. I’m hoping there will be some hot girls with massive tits or even a fine body like Antonia Stokes that I can stare at 😉

Well, I’ve got my bag packed and I’m ready to go so I’ll have to say goodbye. Off to Victoria to get my train! So boys and girls, think of me this weekend lying on my nudist beach surrounded by naked girls. Aw, tell you what, why don’t you watch this hardcore video that only got uploaded yesterday. It’s Suzie at her filthy Best!

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