It’s The Final Countdown!

Right, here it is, the last push of my Countdown of the Top 25 Pornstar Jobs.

You can read the previous entries here:

10. Au Pair
I swear Au Pairs are always from Slovakia or somewhere equally hot. That Au Pair that lives down the street from you could’ve been a pornstar in her native country!

9. Chef
She might not bring you food but she sure does cook it and if there’s one dream a guy must always nourish, it’s a pornstar who can cook.

8. Mechanic
Her lithe little body bent under the bonnet, covered in grease… I’m getting hot just thinking about it!

7. Lifeguard
She can do more than just the kiss-of-life 😉

6. Jockey/Horse Rider
Suzie Best is sort of jockey sized isn’t she? Watch the diminutive slut in action in Cow Girls

5. Nurse
Mmm… sponge bath.

4. Estate Agent
Think of the all naughty things you and she could get up in all those empty houses!

3. Agony Aunt
She’s seen every problem, so she knows every solution. This would be a lady with none too few tricks up her sleeve.

2. Air Hostess
Mile High Club. ‘Nuff said.

1. Pub Landlord
Oh to be Jay Snake….

Hope y’all enjoyed that.

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