any hole’s a goal

“I didn’t lose my virginity until I was twenty-six. Nineteen vaginally, but twenty-six what my boyfriend calls ‘the real way.'”

Sarah Silverman is the kind of girl we’d like to date. Not the kind of girl we’d like to spitroast you understand (obviously that’s our Carmel ;)) but more like a girl you could introduce to your mum and then take home be very very dirty with. She is hot; there is no denying that. But she’s hot in this weird way. Like, you really want to defile her, but in some ways she’s a total princess. It’s probably because she’s incredibly funny and just a little bit scary. Any girl that can get up on stage and talk frankly about masturbation, porn and anal sex and still make us double-over with laughter has to be a winner.

I think most of us have this preconception that all girls hate anal and that just ain’t the case, guys. Sarah, and all the statistics prove otherwise. Over 30% of hetrosexual couples regularly partake and this number is growing year by year. Is this because of the massive growth spurt in internet porn? If so, a massive pat on the back for us then! Anal has always happened but now it’s more socially acceptable. Woo! Anyway, here’s my favourite ever anal video to watch in celebration…

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