More countdown-ness

Oh yes, it’s that time of the week! Time for another installment of my countdown to the Top 25 Pornstar Jobs!
For those just joining us on this little endevour of mine, I realized that there could be a pornstar lurking behind every mundane job!
Catch up on the previous entries here:
Numbers 25-21
Numbers 20-16

15. Waitress
Everyone’s had a little crush on a cute little waitress. She brings you food. Amazing. Then you get to watch her toddle off to the kitchen and enjoy the sight of her bottom. Brilliant.
14. Butcher
Ok this is a bit fetish but imagine if your butcher was actually a pornstar.. how ace would that be?!
13. PA
She’s personal. She’s your assistant. She has to do anything you tell her to 😉
12. Beautician
Imagine what your normal ‘Back, sack and crack’ could lead to…
11. Bus/train conductor
Mmm, I need no words here. Tammy Oldham says them all for me.

Ace. Bet you can’t wait for the next one!

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