position of the week

It makes me a bit sad that your average girl’s idea of being kinky in the bedroom doesn’t extend beyond ‘Cosmo’s Position of The Week’. Cosmo encourages ladies to ‘experiment’ but I think I’ve spotted a recurring theme in these positions. They mostly benefit the girl! Now, I’m all for girls enjoying their time in the sack but what happened to them wanting to pleasure us. Now, take Carmel Moore. There’s a girl who likes to pleasure her men. Blowjobs that is. I know I’ve mentioned this before but I want to touch on it again. Say for example you buy your special lady friend a pair of £70 shoes, you’d expect a lot of ‘gratitude’. At the very least a truly amazing blowjob. Girls these days don’t think they need to. I blame Cosmo. It teaches girlies to be somewhat self-serving in the bedroom.
Imagine how different our lives would be if girls got into porn as early as us men do. By that I don’t mean just having been exposed to porn young, I mean actually getting into it. Most girls I know were exposed to porn at around the same age as boys but didn’t necessarily seek it out in the same manner that teenage boys do. I genuinely think this is changing dramatically though. Think about it: when we were kids, most of us found porn on our parents vhs or magazine stash. Where do average boys find boys nowadays? Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that’s correct: The World Wide Tinterweb. So does this mean that girls aren’t being exposed to porn at the same age? Will their only ideas of sex be from Cosmo??? Seriously guys, go home tonight and make your girlfriend sit down with you and watch some porn with you. Start her off with some Bare Back Mountain. All these ladies love pleasuring Dan Mountain and your girl could learn a thing or two. Then once you’ve got your point across, move her onto Whatever She Wants. Jay Snake loves giving these girls anything they wish. It’s all about give and take, people!
Rant over.

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