shaven… havens?

You’ve just to got to love Jayne in Dogging Diaries, shaving herself in the bathroom. However, it occurs to me that stubble round a girl’s lips is quite possibly the most unattractive thing ever. And that goes for both sets of lips, haha!

I do occasionally wonder, while I’m watching good ol’ Lolly get her bouche round a girl’s shaven slit, how none of them have shaving rash (obviously this is only a fleeting thought 😉 but a thought nonetheless). I’ve always wondered what the preferred ‘method of removal’ for a girl like Carmel Moore is but let’s be fair, even in my lofty employment position that’s a bit tricky to find out!

Personally, I prefer ‘em waxed. You can see exactly what you/they’re doing and it pretty good to look at too!

So, on this folical theme, I’ve decided to try my first poll. Firstly check out my amazing examples and then vote for which pubic hairstyle you like best.





Poll: How Hairy Do You Like ‘Em?

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