Countdown Continued!!

Yes, I know you’ve all been waiting with baited breath but here it is: THE NEXT INSTALLMENT OF MY AMAZING COUNTDOWN! Numbers 20-16 of the Top 25 Pornstar Jobs!

20. Receptionist.
All alone in the reception area… hands wandering under that big front desk… you know you’re thinking what I’m thinking!

You may think this an odd choice considering how many people hate going to the dentist but think about the logistics of it. Cute nurse in her little outfit and that chair does tilt all the way back after all!

18. Sales Assistant.
This may sound a little a bit of a boring job but I bet you’ve always wanted to have sex in a changing room. I know I have 😉

17. Cleaner.
This is a bit more fetishist I guess, but c’mon. Naked except for a pinny and a pair of marigolds; I swear I’ve seen that in porn before.

16. Teacher.
Everyone I’ve ever met fancied at least one teacher in school. However, I doubt your teacher was Ben Dover in a dress and that you went to school with Carmel Moore or Lolly Badcock!!! You’ve got to love the genius behind St Teenycums!

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