Why are girls from Bristol so hot?

I think I might be developing a bit of a crush on Laura Michaels. Apart from being incredibly sexy in that girl-next-door kinda way, she’s also really dirty. I found her on Facebook earlier (c’mon, it’s what lunchbreaks were made for!) and needless to say I’ve friend requested her. I can’t wait to see if she accepts me!

She is really hot and she seems to do quite a lot of work with Cathy Barry. In fact, I found out from her website www.lauramichaels.net that Cathy actually discovered Laura while she was working in a bar in Bristol! How brilliant is that!

I’m really excited about the Laura Michaels night that’s coming up. I will definitely be staying in for that one. For now I’ll be satisfying myself with a recap of Maximum Perversion 4 for some girl on girl action with Laura and the gorgeous Michelle Thorne.

Just a little note in passing, feel free to add me on Facebook for up-to-date gossip and other interesting info. Just search for ‘James TVXMole McHallam’ and you’ll find me.

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