Big Brother

Big Brother. Ugh. Is it just a way for hopefuls to launch their glittering, paparazzi filled ‘media careers’? Probably. Do we benefit along the way with lads mag shoots, home sex tapes and hardcore videos made before they were catapulted into the spotlight? Oh yes.
But, as my friends Alex and Suze try to point out, how many of these wannabes actually come away with more than their 15 minutes of fame?

Case in point: Leah Walker
Yesterday, Alex made the point “Where is she now?” and that, other than our little televisionX video of her before she went in the BB house, there doesn’t seem to have been much Lea-based activity of late.

Well, we have been reliably informed that she’s now a radio presenter on a gay radio station with former BB-housemate Richard Newman. They have ‘The Dicky and Dolly Show’. At least she seems to be faring better than her other former housemates. Personally, I think any girl with ‘assets’ (see: massive tits ) as big as hers is going stay in the limelight for some time.

Check out Lea in her full glory in her hardcore video here.

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