Countdown to the top 25 Pornstar Jobs

I got an email today from my friend who lives in Bristol. He’s also an avid TVX Mole Blog reader and has to put up with me constantly going on about tracking down Cathy Barry every time I go and visit him, poor bloke. He decided to inform me that he spotted another porn star working a ‘normal’ person’s job the other day! I’m pumping him for details as to who she is but I don’t think he’s got as encyclopedia knowledge for porn as I do. Well, as these things tend to do, it did get me thinking. What if there was a porn star lurking surreptitiously behind every mundane job? You could combine gonzo and plot-driven porn in one fell swoop!
So I’ve made a countdown of my Top 25 Pornstar Jobs! I’ll be counting down this in fives but I won’t be posting on it every day so you’d best keep your eyes peeled!
Anyway, here it is:

25. Secretary
Oh it’s the old porn/mistress cliché. We know every man thinks about it at some point.
24. Butlins Redcoat
Brings a whole new meaning to “Get yer coat love, you’ve pulled!”
23. Florist
Not sure why but having it off in the jungle-like environment of a florist sort of appeals to me!
22. Car washer
Cool Hand Luke. Need I say more?
21. Chambermaid
Antonia Stokes in British Hotel Bitches 4. Now that’s a chambermaid you want to see clean your room!

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Hope you’re waiting on tenterhooks for numbers 20-16 of the Top 25 Pornstar Jobs!

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