I went round to my mate’s house in Camden last night and he cooked me a top meal. Salmon in madras dressing with coriander mash. Proper yum. We were sat there with my mate and his sister and her boyfriend and they got out a  board game that I’ve never seen before. A board game all about zombies!!! Bloody brilliant. It’s basically a race to get to the chopper and you can kill any zombies in your path and you can totally fuck your mates over in the process Seriously, it was amazing.

Then my mate started telling me about this zombie comic called The Walking Dead. One of my other friends is always banging on about it but whenever she starts on about comics I tend to switch off but this one sounds really interesting. Apparently it’s billed as a sort of “never ending zombie movie”. I like the sound of that!

All this talk of zombies is making me want to watch Evil Dead. That has got to be my all-time favourite zombie film. I used to have the special edition where the case is meant to look like the book of the dead from the film but my ex-girlfriend stole it when we broke up. I reckon I’m just gonna have to content myself with Zombie Nation 1. Seeing as how it’s got my good ol’ mate Jay Snake in it pounding Elizabeth Michelle Lawrence like his braiiiinnsss depend on it…haha!!

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