birthday moomins

Someone always springs their bloody birthday on you when you’re at your most skintest, don’t they? It was some bird in the office’s birthday yesterday and I had to nip out at lunch to get her a card. I found this neat little shop with quirky gifts and unusual cards, which I knew would have something this girl, would like. I literally just turned around in this shop and there it was staring at me. A Moomin birthday card! I had to get it basically. I liked Moomins when I was a nipper and so doubtless this girl did too. I mean, who didn’t like them? So I gave her the card and everyone went ga-ga over it. Everyone started talking about which kids tv show they liked best when they were at school. I love reminiscing about school days. Not primary school, but secondary. School was pretty ace. Or, “rad” as we used to say back in the mid ‘90s! All the girls with their rolled up skirts, tight white shirts and brightly coloured teenage bras that you could see under their shirts on a summer day. Obviously not my thing now, but definitely when I was 15 it was very appealing 😉

Anyway, I had to go home and recap over all the St Teeny Cums episodes. It has two of my favourite girls in it, Lolly Badcock and Carmel Moore. To be honest with you, I think it’s probably for the best that the girls I went to school with didn’t look like these girls and wear suspenders otherwise I would never have passed my exams!

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