Pornstar addresses

I’ve been having a bit of a Casey Jo revival lately and I was watching my fave of her vids, her contribution to the awesome Babespotting and you won’t believe what I noticed! There’s a shot of a place in London called ‘Cock Lane’!!

Obviously I had to Google map it straight away. It’s near Holborn Viaduct apparently. Defo have to go check that out soon.

It did get me and some of the boys in the office thinking; pornstars should only live in porn-themed named towns or streets! Wouldn’t that make the world a better place? So we ended up devising a fun way to waste time this afternoon. We typed as many rude words into Google maps as possible and you wanna hear some of the crackers we found! There’s Ragged Ass Road which is in Canada, there’s also a town called Felch in Michigan, Boner Street in Georgia and my personal favourite ‘Clit Court’ in a place called Albany in New York State! I reckon our pals across the pond have got the right idea! It’s not just across the Pacific where they name places funny though.

I told one of my female colleagues about my idea and she surprised me by saying she’d once visited a town in Austria called ‘Wank’. I asked her if she’d had a fiddle with herself whilst she was there and I think I embarrassed her a bit because she excused herself pretty quickly! Oh well, haha!

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