Why Do Men Fall Asleep After Sex?

Ever wondered what the official after sex etiquette is? I know I have but I think there are different rules for one night stands and for relationships. Basically in relationships, women should avoid getting all gushy and talking about the future or cleaning or something and guys, don’t fall asleep too soon.

All men have been there, you shoot your load and you’ve got every intention of at least hugging and giving your partner a few compliments for about 5 minutes, but it never seems to happen like that. After sex, our bodies release oxytocin, which sends us guys to sleep. This hormone is also found in breast milk which sends babies to sleep, so it’s natural that it works on adults too. But apparently we just have to fight the urge.

This video sums up the relationship “after sex etiquette” nicely, check it out.

I wonder what the “after sex etiquette” is for porn stars. Nice to meet you and thanks for a good time? I’m sure Keni is the perfect gent and doesn’t just roll over.

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