Public Transport Sucks

I am late for work this morning because of bloody train delays. The first two from my station were cancelled, then the second one which I’m sat on is being diverted all the way around bloody England it feels like. I think I’ll be about 2 hours late for work.

Seriously, how can our rail network have so many signal failures? We pay extortionate fares for the most appalling service. I’m one of the lucky ones who actually found a seat, hence me being able to write this while I’m travelling, there are poor sods standing all around me. And to make it worse, there is zero chance of getting any compensation because this sort of thing happens so often. The rail companies would be broke if they compensated for every delay we suffer.

The only thing that is keeping me going is imagining I’m on a bus, not a train, and that Donna Marie is going to walk on and do a Dogging Diaries special lesbian scene for me with the ticket collector. Seriously, that’s ALL that’s keeping me going!

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