Maggots Are My Friends

Now the warm weather is here (intermittently), the flies are now back and buzzing around keeping me awake at night. And of course where there are flies, there were maggots!

I like to do my part for the environment so in our flat, we’ve got one of those recycling bins for food waste. I was emptying last night’s leftover Chinese in there today and I noticed a little maggot squiggling around. Then I saw a couple of his mates tucking into a sausage I threw out at the weekend.

I was pretty grossed out and vowed to empty the recycling bin more than once a week after my little discovery as it’s probably not very hygienic.

Then it got me thinking about whether maggots are dirty or not. After a little research (Googled in my lunch break) it turns out they’re not as dirty as I thought, in fact they’re quite helpful sometimes. They can be used for maggot therapy which is where disinfected maggots are introduced to an open wound to clean it. They do this by simply eating the rotting flesh which they love and leaving the live, healthy tissue, which they don’t like. Using maggots can be less risky and leaves a smaller wound because they only eat the rotting flesh. Whereas with surgery, they remove a larger amount to make sure they have removed all the affected flesh. Surgery may also accidentally damage new tissues that have formed. Apparently Aboriginal and Maya Indian tribes have been using this method for centuries and it’s now used in hospitals in the UK.

So maggots are now my friends and I’m not going to stress too much if I see them in my recycling bin. And I swear this isn’t an excuse for me not to have to empty it more than once a week ok!

1 Response to “Maggots Are My Friends”

  1. 1 televisionxmole
    June 17, 2008 at 11:37 am

    OK, just had some feedback that my blog can be a little random at times, back to PORN, my favourite subject!

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