You either love them or hate them but there is no denying that they’re widely used. I’m talking about acronyms and emoticons.

Does it grate you when you receive a text or an IM from a young hip person and you can’t follow what the bloody hell they’re talking about?

I hate them, I get annoyed when I get messages with them in. I’ve never been tempted to use them because I actually find it easier to just write the word in full. I’m pretty fast at typing you see and I use predictive text on my mobile so I would actually have to think harder if I want to use them, so I just don’t bother.

Now you have the basic acronyms which everyone knows such as LOL, OMG,WTF, Gr8, MILF (that’s laugh out loud or lots of love, oh my God, what the fuck, great and mum I’d like to fuck, for those who really don’t have a clue). But then you can get the slightly more complex ones, or maybe they’re just complex to me and this is where I lose interest and actually get annoyed.

Here are a few I had to look up; ROFL, B4YKI, BB4N, CT and EZ (rolling on the floor laughing, before you know it, bye bye for now, can’t talk and easy). Do people actually understand all of these without having to look them up?

I’ve actually had to log off of IM when my niece used too many acronyms and I didn’t have clue what she was chatting about, it just annoyed me too much trying to work them out.

However emoticons I don’t mind so much. I often add them on the end of a text or in emails because it just shows I’m happy or cross or confused, but they’re harmless enough I think. When you find someone who hates them, I think it’s even more important to use them in texts and emails.

NEway it’s time 4me 2go now. Have a Gr8 w/e and take it EZ. BB4N, LOL.

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