Big Brother 9

So Big Brother 9 is upon us again and I’m refusing to watch it. Every year they put the same sort of freaks in there to have the same boring arguments. They’re all the same about food and who’s having which bed etc, just change the fricking record already.

My friend was telling me that they have already divided into two groups; the young pretty ones who want to get pissed and shag each other and the older ones with more than one brain cell, who want to actually chat about things. I just can’t bring myself to waste another 3 months of my life watching this drivel, I’d rather be doing something useful like drinking beer with my friends or watching porn.

The only good thing about the programme is Davina, but that’s only because I fancy her stupid! She’s still not enough to persuade me to watch BB 9 though, I’m sorry Davina.

That’s all I’ve got to say on the matter, but ask me again next week and it may be a whole other story……..

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