From Bad to Worse

As if my day couldn’t get any worse. All I read about on friends blogs, is how great the wicked tease party was last night, Tallulah Taboo for example had a right old time shimmying alongside our TVX girls, especially Rio. I’m really happy for you Tallulah 😉

Then my mate cancels on me tonight cos he’s going out with his girlfriend. Apparently it’s their “special time” tonight so he would be in too much trouble if he cancelled on her.

Yeah don’t worry mate, I’m alright, I’ve got loads of other offers on the table!

Truth is, I haven’t, I’m just gonna stay home tonight and watch TV. It’s not even like I can ogle over Sophie Price yet either, I have to wait until tomorrow until she’s the new Television X face and body. Humph. I really hope I’m in a better mood next week, I’m getting very bored of being grumpy!

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