Wicked Tease Party

Well last night my work colleagues went to the Wicked Tease porn star party in London and I’ve been sulking all day having to listen to what a great time they had. They took a few pics too which will be going on the sight shortly. Here is a one of Elizabeth Michelle Lawrence, just to keep you going.

Here is a little account of the party as told by my work mate, who is now not my mate, because I’m still pissed at him for getting the press pass!

“We arrived at the venue, outside was a stretched limousine with porn stars entering the party all dressed in the theme of black and Gold all looking fabulous.   We were greeted warmly by Elizabeth Michelle Lawrence at the door  and were on the guest list so allowed straight through to the party. Elizabeth was wearing a long stunning black dress and was defiantly the hostess with the mostess. There was an array of people at the party from porn stars to directors to press. Also a dance floor with an awesome dancing pole which everyone was making the most of. Some even getting their tits out whilst they wrapped their long porn star legs around it in a sexy dance move I only ever dreamed of seeing.

It was a fun atmosphere with lots of people networking and having a good time, which was the general idea. All in all, a great party, good show Elizabeth!”

There you go “mate” you’ve had your air time! Only kidding, I’m glad you had a good night really, it sounded wicked. Here’s hoping I go to the next one.

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