Sexy Smoker

Ok so I did go to the pub last night and watch the football and am I glad I did?! It was amazing watching Chelsea having their dreams whipped from under their noses, ha! What a tense match, but it’s always the same with these big matches, they go to penalty shots and everyone gets really nervous. I love it though, it’s a great atmosphere.

It was getting pretty rowdy in the pub, thankfully it was mainly Man U supporters in there and a few, very brave and very lucky Chelsea boys. I say lucky because there were no punch ups which i’ve seen a few times before in pubs.

Anyway, being in the pub got me thinking about how great the smoking ban is. You smell of BO and if it hasn’t worn off, the cheap aftershave you slapped on before you went out, rather than vile old stale ciggie smoke. And if you haven’t got a missus like me to do your washing for you, you can wear your shirt again, no worries.

This leads me nicely onto the topic of tonight’s viewing on Television X, Sexy Smoker at 2:10am. The busty hottie proves that it’s still sexy to smoke even if you smell a bit rank afterwards!

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