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The Return Of Karlie Simon


Yes boy and girls, it’s true, Karlie Simon is back doing hardcore scenes! Hell yeah I’m excited about this! She’s in our new show Girls Allowed getting frisky with Cate Harrington as two members of the girl band who get on a little better which each other than they do with the other girls if you know what I mean! Well, obviously, I mean they get down to some seriously hot lesbo action.  If reality TV was actually like this, I know I’d tune in a bit more!


Girls Allowed

cate harrington  in girls allowed

Girls Aloud are probably one of the hottest girl-bands ever to have existed. Way sexier than All Saints or Atomic Kitten. Which is why it’s fitting that the filthiest and horniest babes of porno-land have joined forces to spoof the classic reality telly moment that Girls Aloud got together. Starring Syren Sexton as Cheryl Hole, Karlie Simon as Nudine, Shay Hendrix as Quimberley, Saskia Sweet as Sarah Hardon and Cate Harrington as Nickerless. And then there’s Angel Long as one of the judges. Inspired porno basically! I can’t wait for this to air, and you can be sure I’ll be shouting about it from the rooftops when it does week after next.


How much does Cate Harrington rock?


Cate Harrington is one of my fave pornobabes to watch. She’s got such a unique look and it’s difficult to pin down what it is that makes her so hot. Obviously she’s way hot and that goes a long way, but there’s something really special about Cate that takes her from being pretty to being something special.
She’s also really nice, and is always chatting to her fans whether it’s on forums or on facebook and she’s just launched her own site!
Anyway, here are my all time horniest Cate Harrington vids…

Fuck Ghetto: where she gets filthy with her man and Jayne Berry

Blindfold: Cate and Casey with a double-ender, nuff said.

I Worship Pantyhose: Cate and Lolly, 2 master lesbians at work!


Cate Harrington gets her blindfold out

Cate Harrington’s career is going from strength to strength at the moment. Fresh from winning the BGAFD award at the UK Adult Film & Television Awards, she made a sexy appearance at Erotica playing topless twister with Katie K. We’ve been thoroughly enjoying some of her earlier filthy exploits lately, here at Television X. Check out this episode of Blindfold with northern Petra and welsh hottie Casey Jo where they get a bit naughty with double-ended dildos. And make sure you show her some love over at her Facebook fanpage!


Katie K goes all gooey for Lolly (literally)

I got to chat to my good friend Katie K yesterday and she was telling me all about her first ever scene, Planet Lolly. It’s refreshing to hear a starlet talking about her work with such enthusiasm and grounded-ness.
Katie was telling me all about when she got her Television X subscription:
I had my head stuck in Planet Lolly and Blonde Ambition! These were my first two scenes I ever did and Planet Lolly is awesome just because of how genuine it is! I really was a young girl, just got out of college and wanted to be a huge porn star! Plus you can see that I actually, honestly really fancy Lolly and you can see the chemistry in my eyes when I look at her, it’s awesome!
I’ve been perving quite a bit on Katie lately as she’s just uploaded some photos from the UKAFTA and Erotica to her fanpage on Facebook. Apparently her and Cate Harrington played topless twister at Erotica.. mmm, that would have been a sight to see!

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I’m a fan of Cate!

Ah Cate Harrington. She’s a hottie and a half isn’t she. It’s funny actually, I became a fan of hers on facebook the other week and then literally just the other day I watched one of her early solo videos from when she was just a fresh teen and she looked just as beautiful then! However, I’m very glad she’s progressed onto hardcore boy-girl work and girl-girl.
I love her with Lolly Badcock. So hot! I might even have to email her tomorrow and tell her she should put some photos from that episode of I Worship Pantyhose up on her fanpage so I can ogle over them even when I’m at home!

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Cate Harrington

Cate Harrington is so so hot and although we’ve had a pornstar page for her for ages but only recently did we get an interview with her. So I thought I’d give you my highlights!

Does sex on screen affect your personal sex life?
No, it gives me more ideas for sex in my private life
What’s your favourite position?
Doggy always really nice and deep
What’s your favourite sex act?
I love giving blow jobs and it’s always good to look into a guys eyes and see him enjoying it (I’ve been told I give really good head)
What is your favourite televisionX sex scene?
The one with Jayne Berry was great, she was really dirty and we both loved it. More sex happened off camera with her than was filmed hehe. I got on really well with her.
Do you watch yourself have sex on screen?
Yes, I have paid for televisionX and I’m always looking at what’s going off.

What a filthy girl! She’s got her own subscription- you know she loves it!

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Katie K

Katie K is only 19 but she’s already got a growing fanbase. Having been in Blonde Ambition with Michelle B, and more recently Nymphic Games with Loz Lorrimar, she’s got her very own show coming up on televisionX next month called Katie K’s Teen Rampage. I’ll be posting all about that soon mole fans! But check out her blog for news from the horse’s mouth.
This week I’ve had the immense pleasure of chatting to Katie K and she is just a doll. Smart, articulate and downright filthy-sexy. Yes, I fancy her, alright. You will too though, that’s the thing. You just can’t help fancying this girl. Check out this interview I did with her and you’ll see why she’s so fuckable!

What made you get into the adult industry?
I just wanted to have lesbian sex with a porn star I had my eye on! We ended up having the session, I loved it and got into it from there!

Does sex on screen affect your personal sex life?
It has made me soooo much more confident in bed and I am a lot more adventurous than I used to be! I used to be really shy!

What’s your favourite sex act?
Oral, without any question! I love giving and I am really good at it, but I love receiving too! I also love de-flowering lesbian virgins!

What are your favourite porn stars to have sex with & why?

Cate Harrington because she’s filthy! We are both really into each other too. Also Michelle B was great and Starr is amazing at oral!

Do you watch yourself have sex?
Yes I absolutely love watching my own films and programmes! It’s a really turn on for me actually!

How can you not love a girl like this?? In the episode of Planet Lolly that I wrote about yesterday, she is stood in front of Lolly Badcock telling her that she wants to be just like her and well, it looks like she’s on the right path for that one!

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Pin-up girls, Sailors and Pilots

So we’re at the end of our four-day week and to be honest with you I am knackered. I reckon I’ll just stay in tonight, put my feet up and settle in for the Carmel theme night tonight. Don’t worry though, I’m not staying in all weekend. Tomorrow I’m going to a burlesque night. Quite a few of my girl-mates do it and I love it. It provides me with a way to ogle my mates’s tits in a safe environment. In fact, if you think about it, they actively encourage you to stare at their tits. C’mon, nipple tassels and the ability to spin them are asking you to look! Anyway my friend is performing at an event tomorrow put on by Corset and Diamonds and I’m well excited as she’s proper good at burlesque.

I love the effort these girls go to with their costumes. They all look so glamorous, even when they’re almost naked. That’s why I love I Worship Pantyhose. All the girls go to amazing lengths with their outfits despite the fact they get ripped off but I think that’s the whole fun of dressing up. Watch Cate Harrington and Lolly Badcock rip their clothes right off each other for rimming and dildo fun. Best way to end a Friday work day!

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Sex In Our City

The newly released movie, Sex and the City is fast becoming a box office hit. Streams of girls queued up outside cinemas over the weekend to see the movie they’ve been waiting forever to see.

I’m in two minds as to whether to go and watch it not, it’s hardly a very macho movie to go and see, but I do remember spending the odd Saturday night at my friends house having Sex and the City marathons whilst eating ice cream. And as this doesn’t sound very manly at, maybe I should just go and see it and be done with it.

I’m not so bothered about finding out who dies, who gets married and all the other little loose ends that need to be tied up in my female friends minds. I just want to see the supposed masterpiece that took them 4 bloody years to make. I’m expecting it to be hot stuff for a wait that long. So I think I will tag along with my girlfriends tomorrow, just to see what all the fuss is about you understand.

A far cry from the sex in the Fuck Ghetto no doubt, things are a little less glamorous in our city, see for yourself on WebTV.


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